At our best, we are love

Part I: Agape & Storge. On familial and unconditional love.

By Salamandara

May 2022

A photographic series on learning how to love, by Salamandara.

Despite the universal aspect of love, its complexity sometimes prevents us from expressing ourselves properly. It doesn’t come easily to everyone, and I think the main reason is because, in a way, love is taught.

In order for you to express a healthy form of love, you need to be and have been around it, or witness it. Love is a verb, and it takes practice and actions.

I chose to inspire myself from the Ancient Greeks’ 4 definitions of love, to create this series. It’s a visual representation of the different types of love in my life. Which starts by my parents’ affection for each other – and towards me & my siblings. The series is still ongoing, as we never stop to learn how to love.

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