People of the Misty Oasis

January 2024

People of the Misty Oasis is more than a documentary; it's a window into a world lost to most, a celebration of a people who defy the sands of time, and a testament to the enduring power of family, tradition, and the human spirit.

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Deep in Egypt’s southeast, 1,150 kilometers from Cairo’s clamor, lies a land untouched by time – Halayeb and Shalateen. Here, where the desert whispers ancient secrets and the wind sings forgotten lullabies, one family’s story echoes through generations.
Meet the Sheikh Ohag Hasan family, their roots intertwined with the Bishareya tribe, descendants of the Beja people who have walked these sun-scorched sands for millennia. Witness their legacy unfold – not in dusty archives, but in the weathered smiles of elders, the rhythmic thrum of ancestral songs, and the calloused hands that coax life from unforgiving soil.
This is no ordinary tale of lineage. It’s a tapestry woven with threads of resilience, whispered tales of pharaohs and nomads, and the quiet hum of a culture thriving in isolation. We’ll trek through timeworn valleys, dance to the beat of drums that echo across eternity, and share intimate moments around flickering fires under a sky ablaze with a million stars.



Director & D.O.P.: Fady Emad
Assistant Director: Magd George
Photographer: Karim Osama
Editor / Colorist:
Mario Magdy Emad Ashraf
Logistics /Fixer: Hany Harby Hany Khalil
Supervision & Consultancy:
Director Hala Galal 
A.L. Feiby Raouf
T.A. Farida Tarek
Equipment rental studio:
5 Axis Studio 
El Sheikh Ohag
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