Part 2

Illustrated by Flora Bai

May 2023


Sometimes it is a relief to be invisible.

Me the puppeteer, me the puppet too.

Nature does not need me.

Closer to the sky.

Memories (photography)

1|1 is a project about a girl who has a mirror on her face. She has chosen to lose herself in a  world full of information, and she has failed to understand or get back to who she really is because of social recognitions and self-expectations that were put upon her. The character is a reflection of myself, an extreme people-pleaser, being tolerant of others while doubting myself. One day I realized that I was not only wearing masks to increase chances of making people like me, but also losing my identity in the process. I kept torturing myself by saying that I was not good enough, but nothing is ever enough. 

1|1 是关于一个长着镜子脸的女孩的故事。为了获得社会认同和满足自我期待,她在这个充斥着信息的世界迷失了自己。项目的主角是我自己的映照:她是讨好型人格,表面对他人的一切表示包容,内心始终质疑自己。有一天她发现,她戴着很多幅面具的目的仅仅是为了讨好他人以获得夸赞和认可,而且完全的失去了自我。她一直抱怨自己不够好,但是没有什么是足够好的。请停止用刻薄和偏见的目光看待他人,也请停止用自卑心和批判心对待自己。

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