The Other Side of Dreaming

September 2022

Set in Dreaming, a small coastal town off the shore of Eternity, this film is an exploration focused on boundaries and transcending the spaces they define. In our own personal contexts, what do we find when we cross that boundary of dreaming and living? Is it freedom? Fear? Maybe both?

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This premise is a sound bite from John Akomfrah’s The Last Angel of History;

“Water carried the sound of the drums, and sound covered the distance between the Old and the New World.”



Director — Isabel Okoro

Executive Producer — Roya DelSol

Assistant Director — Tamara 

Director of Photography — Rayul 

Score — Keli Asorwoe 

Camera Assistant — Daniyal 

Foley and SFX — Adroc



Tech as O 

Ladi Adekioya as Alla


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