To Tell A Vision

April 2022

A young black kid in 1964, New Zealand discovers a TV from the future and sees a world in which he can be a part of.

“When you’re a black kid you look for yourself wherever you go, you cannot escape your identity. You seek a likeness, that someone to look up to, someone that inspires. ‘To Tell A Vision’ put simply, is the kind of film where you can dream the unimaginable and it opens your eyes to a future where anything is possible.” – Theo Shakes

Writer & Director — Theo Shakes
Producer — Bella Adams
Camera — Samantha McLaughlin
Editor, Continuity & Stills — Zayde Lee
1st Assistant Director — Liam Addison
Gaffer — Chase Hershberger
Camera Assist — Josh Chapman
Audio Recordist — Nathan Lonie
Audio Boom Operator — Sofia Moreno-Bentley
Art Department — Emily Donald & Bella Adams
Chaperones — Emma Uvhagen, Lara & Martin Bradshaw &
Peter Makolo


Deandre — Perlian Makolo
Max — Justin Garnett
Aidan — George Bradshaw
De — Graham Vincent
Mahershala — Roger Shakes
TV Family Dad — Robert Addison
TV Family Mum — Ailish Ford
TV Family Daughter — Carrie Murphy
TV Family Son — Nic Pinckney


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