Baroque Futurism

Photographed by Akina Chan

April 2022

Baroque Futurism celebrates the intersection of renaissance-era romanticism and chrome-inflected fantasy futurism. Playful, irreverent and cheeky, Baroque Futurism fuses a world inspired by the regal neoclassical era with an artful, futuristic sleekness.


Photography — Akina Chan 

Creative Direction — Andrea Nazarian 

Stylist — Spencer Garvey 

Makeup — Madelaine Hermans

BTS Photography — Sam Acton King

Production — HILITE

Model — Ronnie Teo


Look 1

Dress: Catherine Regehr
Shoes: Steve Madden Sunglasses: Planet i
Jewelry: stylists own

Look 2

Opera Coat: Sara Armstrong
Top: Evan Clayton
Shoes: Fluevog
Mouth piece: Daemon Concept

Look 3 

Dress: Uglygarments
Shoes: Steve Madden

Look 4

Full look: Yue Zhu (blazer, skirt, and beaded harness)
Shoes: Steve Madden