Labour of Love

Photographed by Judy Gu

March 2022

Labour of Love examines the laborious nature of loving. Using repeating motifs such as yarn, cotton, or wool, customarily soft or delicate materials, to represent a character’s sensitivity, the story reflects the fragile emotions of a woman confined within her desire to be a perfect partner in her relationships, often at the expense of herself. How does erosion occur when performing emotional labour for our loved ones? To what extent might this responsibility be gratuitous and then taken granted for? And how might this absence of boundaries produce compassion fatigue?

Photographer — Judy Gu 

Photo Assistant — Zhongqi Liu 

Stylist — Sulyka Abukar

Styling Assistant — Layla B 

Makeup Artist — Taylor Chousky 

Hair Stylist — Maria Hatzis 

Model — Angaer at B&M Models